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Hello! We are 2nd Gosport Scouts and we opened in 1968, going strong ever since!

We've provided our young people lots of life-long experiences over the past 50 years, experiences we continue to update for the modern world and continue facilitating for many years to come!

Who are we?

There has been 2 periods when 2nd Gosport Scout Group met, the first ran from 1910 -1949 and unfortunately there is very little information about it.  

2nd Gosport Scout group re-opened and was registered with the Scout Association on 1 July 1968 and was and still is based in Rowner.  The group opened with Cubs and Scouts and met in a variety of venues until 1970 when they were given a prefab building which was craned into position along the eastern fence of Siskin School.  In 1971 they were twinned with the Royal Navy Survey Squadron and the sections are named after the ships, Herald and Hecate for scouts, Bulldog and Beagle the 2 Cub packs, of which our Cubs still have the name Bulldog.  A badge was designed depicting the Scout Fleur de Lise and the Sextant of the Royal Navy, a badge we still wear today on the back of the scarf.

When Beavers was launched, in 1986, we opened our Colony  where they were given the name Gleaner after the RNs smallest ship HMS Gleaner, we have had many get togethers’ with the ships although the Survey Squadron is no longer based in Portsmouth and the ships have been replaced with new ones.

Now, in 2021, we are opening one of the first Squirrels sections in Gosport for 4-5 year olds, where we will continue to deliver skills for life to our young people.

Group Scout Leader (GSL)

This is our lead volunteer, responsible for everything from what our sections get up to, to making sure we have a good governance team. Normally found behind the scenes, if you need the GSL's help, speak to your section leader or email here! Our Group Scout Leader is Sue Archer, and our Assistant GSL is Helena Dawson.


All of our sections are run by volunteers giving up as much or as little time as they are able to, Each of our sections is run by a Section Leader, they are responsible for managing the programme and activities our young people do as well as leading our meetings, ensuring we provide a varied and exciting array of activities. And with them to help, Assistant Section Leaders; who help out with everything from planning and running activities, to behind the scenes logistics.

Role SquirrelsBeaversCubsScouts
Section LeaderJennie Jordan-GunfieldVikki Osborn (Flutterby)Helena Dawson (Akela)Jennie Jordan-Gunfield
Assistant Section LeaderHarry Jordan-SmithEllie GunfieldWendy Durrant (Raksha)Neil Gunfield (Hagrid)
Assistant Section LeaderAnne SigarVacantKelly Haycock (Bagheera)Drew Jordan-Gunfield
Assistant Section LeaderStephane RackettVacantSophie Smith (Kaa)Vacant
Young Leader (Under 18)HannahJessVacantVacant

Executive Committee

Like any Charity, we have an Executive Committee, composed of a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Nominated Trustees to ensure the best interests of the group from a financial and legal point of view, so that our volunteers can provide the best Scouting possible.

ChairWayne Peake
TreasurerTracy Nicoll

We hope this list helps, but sometimes as Scouts we can use a lot of jargon and abbreviations, for a more comprehensive list, click here!


We are always on the look out for new volunteers, from parent helpers to trustees, join the adventure below!

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